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BioPier Overview

BioPier is a Boston-based premium biometrics provider/CRO specializing in biostatistics & programming. Established in 2006 and privately held, we operate 100% in the USA, with no offshoring or subcontracting. We have a very loyal team and a loyal client base. Our business is built through the trust gained from years of quality work, and word-of-mouth is the primary driver of our growth.

Value Proposition and History

Biostatistical analysis is a crucial and time-consuming step in drug development, as it ensures the safety and efficacy of each drug. Despite the specificity of each clinical study, 70% of the work can be standardized due to regulations. BioPier's expertise in this process enables clients to improve the quality and speed of drug development while reducing costs. (Learn more about BioPier's history)

BioPier Team

BioPier is a team of highly experienced biostatistical consultants. Team members have an average of 8+ years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry; the core team has an average of 15+ years. Thirty-five percent of our team members have Ph.D. degrees, and 95% have earned an M.S. degree or above. We have a very stable workforce - our low turnover rate is the foundation of our service quality and 100% on-time delivery record.

BioPier Strength

"Work as our clients' extended team" is BioPier's core value. The company has a strong reputation for expertise, quality, flexibility and dependability - with a remarkable track record of 100% on-time delivery. BioPier's impressive organic growth has been fueled by client trust and satisfaction, resulting in strong repeat client business and introducing BioPier to new clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. BioPier's performance has earned it a position as the preferred provider to top pharmaceutical companies. One clear example of this: During 2019 to 2022, BioPier was asked by clients to rescue six of their pivotal Phase-3 studies from big-name CROs - they took the challenge and came delivered for the clients.

Why Engage with BioPier?

"Working with a specialist team like BioPier is a win-win strategy. Both highly experienced and highly flexible, they can easily scale-up when we are busy."
- A client of BioPier Since 2015.

A Flexible and Scalable Partnership

Are these challenges familiar to you?

1. "Our in-house FSPs are often underutilized. but when it gets busy, they're not enough to meet our needs."

2. "More often than not, we struggle to get the attention we need from our full-service CROs."

3. "We need to bring the submission preparation work (i.e., ISS, ISE, Legacy-to-CDISC migration, etc.) in-house."

These three cases are familiar challenges that all Biopharma companies face. Choosing FSP vs full-service outsourcing is a real dilemma. FSPs are flexible, but they're often underutilized and can't scale-up

BioPier can fill the gap. Our experienced, flexible consultants work with our clients like an extension of their team. When you need more resources, we'll scale-up. We wield the complete toolset required to accomplish all tasks for biostatistical programming deliverables.

We earned many of our contracts thanks to how we handle scenarios like example #3. "In-house" submission preparation comprises about fifty percent (50%) of our services (ISS, ISE, eCRT, HTA, BIMO, FDA-IR, and CDISC-migration, etc.), while the remaining fifty percent (50%) addresses CSR projects for Phases I-III (SDTM, IDMC, ADaM, TFLs).

In short... BioPier is the "in-house" partner our clients rely on to execute when the challenge calls.

Serving Your Project Rescue

Have you ever received unplanned requests like these?

4. "We received an unplanned German Dossier request (HTA), and need to produce 600-table

analyses in 6 weeks."

5. "Our study team only just realized that the BIMO packages weren't prepared - with only 4 weeks left before submission."

6. "We have an NDA-bounding Phase-3 study with a full-service CRO. but we feel the study's 'at-risk:' we saw serious quality issues in their dry run. Worse, the CRO seemed slow and hesitant to take action. This study needs to be rescued ASAP; we need an experienced team to take the reins."

Above cases were samples of real-life scenarios our clients faced in 2022. BioPier assumed these challenges and helped navigate our clients to success. (References are available.)

BioPier Service Model

BioPier service model is project-based. We charge by deliverables. We can assess the project scope very quickly and typically propose the SOW within 2 days. We are 100% committed to your delivery schedule and budget. There is no retention fee, and no need to pay us when we are not utilized.

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